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  • As soon as product trends on a Search engine they are added at MuzTrends with a lag of just few hours.

Smart Workout Mirror - Case Study

  • This futuristic product was added to MuzTrends as soon as it started trending in Canada.

  • Precise Cpc/Competition/Volume and exact trending search term was provided along with details of sourcing the product.

Smart Workout Mirror - Case Study
Runner's Water Bottle Case Study

Runner's Water Bottle - Case Study

  • An innovative bottle design for runner's with strong grip and ultra modern design. Every Jogger will love it in their hands while making themselves hydrated.

  • This was found Trending in the USA and was added to MuzTrends in hours. At time of addition to Muztrends no search ads were found running for this product in USA.

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Foldable Helmet - Case Study

  • This Innovative helmet solution for cyclists was found trending in France through search engines. A perfect gift for the cyclist so they can easily carry the helmet in their handbag.

  • At time of addition to Muztrends no search ads were found running for this product in France.

Foldable Helmet Case Study
Pen Printer Case Study

Pen Printer - Case Study

  • On the go high tech solution for printing anything anywhere. This hand device is the futuristic solution to printing for quick labels and marketing designs.

  • At time of addition to Muztrends no search ads were found running for this product in Japan.

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Quick Access
Quick Access

MUZ Trends is an online tool which can be accessed easily anywhere and anytime. The platform is user friendly and easy to use

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No Saturation

This is the only tool of its kind, which makes sure there is no saturation by adding Hundreds of new products every day. Not just random hand-picked products, but genuine winning products that are trending on search engine

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Value for Money

Being an only of its kind tool in the market, MUZ Trends also has special pricing. You can start using this tool totally free with limited data or Get full access with price starting at $19/Month

Multi Language
Multi Language

At MUZ Trends you get trending search engine products from eight Non-English countries with exact search terms in their respective language. Giving you unique opportunity to profit from low competition countries

Top-Notch Customer Support
Top-Notch Customer Support

MuzTrends feels pride in out of the way 24x7 Customer Support

Email Notifications
Email Notifications

As an Conquer plan member, you can set up email notification for trending products according to your criteria

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1. How many Trending Products you get?

Around 500+ Trending products are added every day from different Countries

2. Can I Upgrade later to higher package and pay difference?

Yes, you can upgrade later and pay difference, contact us or use chat option

3. Will it get saturated?

Hundreds of products are added every day. if you keep up with latest products there is no reason for saturation

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